Commercial Construction

For three decades, Missouri Land Company has been building commercial properties throughout the U.S. From a one-location local florist to a multi-location grocery chain; from light industrial operations to massive manufacturing warehouses and extensive retail shopping centers, our commercial construction team walks clients through each stage of the process—starting with land planning and design, and ending with handing over the keys with a handshake. Missouri Land Company’s turnkey commercial construction offerings benefit everyone involved.

Our team, led by a professional engineer with a deep design background, will meet with you to discuss the specifics of your project and decide how Missouri Land Company can best help to accomplish your goals. Then, a project plan will be created with specific benchmarks and timelines. Clients benefit from a single point of contact throughout the process; with one call or email, you get all the information you need. Further streamlining the process, Missouri Land Company coordinates everything on the client’s behalf and initiates weekly project update meetings.

Already have contractors in place, and only need help managing the process? We can do that too. Let’s start the conversation.

View our active commercial construction projects here.