Rental Properties

Missouri Land Company owns and operates a variety of rental properties in Farmington, MO. In addition, we offer property management services to clients operating rental properties throughout the U.S.

For our properties, and for those properties we manage for clients, Missouri Land Company:

  • Prioritizes tenant sourcing: We employ a unique screening system for all tenants, ensuring the most suitable tenants for the property—and significantly decreasing the risk for problems later in the lease agreement.
  • Provides Thorough Oversight: Missouri Land Company ensures that the property is being properly cared for and maintained. We also facilitate early interventions for problems on the horizon.
  • Provides Comprehensive Landlord Insurance: Because we know that every investment comes with a significant amount of financial risk, we want to protect you just as stringently as we protect ourselves. Missouri Land Company provides the most complete landlord insurance in the market.

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